2 bottles of Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce "Ja" - FREE SHIPPING!
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2 bottles of Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce "Ja" - FREE SHIPPING!

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Scoville's Red Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Ja, is one of the more mild hot sauces available online. This pepper hot sauce offers a light intensity, but provides a little more heat than our green jalapeno pepper flavor.  

The Scoville Food Institute's red jalapeno peppers make a smooth hot pepper sauce because our peppers are sourced from some of the best locations around the world. Red jalapeno offers a nice mild heat with a satisfying burn.  

At The Scoville Food Institute, we blend our red jalapeno peppers with the best herbs and spices to create the best jalapeno hot sauce available online! 

We use our very own periodic table of Scoville Units in creating our hot sauces and we rank them according to the Scoville Heat scale. This particular hot sauce, 'Ja', is rated with just 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville Units of heat. That results in an "mild" but delicious hot sauce!

Try some Red Jalapeno hot sauce "Ja" today! 

This is a 5 ounce bottle of hot sauce. 

ALL Hot Sauce from The Scoville Food Institute is preservative free, Kosher, Wheat and Gluten Free!