Award-Winning Gourmet Hot Sauces

Award-Winning Gourmet Hot Sauces

The Scoville Food Institute is a proud winner of multiple awards for our various organic hot sauce flavors. When it comes to winning prizes, we know our specialty hot sauce recipes have what it takes.

Scovie Award Winner

Scovie Hot Sauce Award Winner - The Scoville Food Institute

The Scovie Awards is an annual competition hosted by the Fiery-Foods & Barbecue Magazine. The competition involves 80 to 100 judges, who are mostly food professionals, blind-tasting different flavors of hot sauce. They rate the hot sauces according to visual appearance, aroma, flavor, and heat scale.

ZestFest Fiery Food Challenge 1st Place Award Winner

ZestFest is the "ultimate party for bold and flavorful food enthusiasts" and is one of the largest zesty food showcase events in the country. Spicy Food Productions is the producer of this fiery challenge which takes place in Irving, Texas.

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