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CHECK OUT THIS INTERACTIVE Periodic Table of Scoville Units!!!!

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SSGT. Joshua Weunski in Afghanistan enjoying
The Scoville Food Institute Hot Sauces from Erie, PA.

trying to make life a little more palatable for US TROOPS in Afghanistan.            SSGT. Joshua Weunski in Afghanistan enjoying the Scoville Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce from The Scoville Food Institute. Home of Scoville Units Hot Sauce.
Here at the Scoville Food Institute, our main focus is making REALLY GREAT
fiery foods including award winning hot sauce, our upcoming hot potato chips,
and more great products coming soon.....
Based on the famous pepper research & tastings of the esteemed Dr. Wilbur Scoville from the early 1900's,
we have harnessed the power of science and the culinary arts to create the renowned Periodic Table of Scoville Units.
The Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) is the de-facto standard for measuring the heat or pungency of a pepper.
AlAll of our sauces are: Preservative Free  |  Kosher  |  Wheat & Gluten-free

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Here's a great review of the Bhut Jolokia sauce (soon to be back in stock, we promise!)

Check out this online review of our Gh sauce from

Hot Sauce from The Scoville Food Institute are now available at select
Whole Foods Markets in the North Atlantic and North East regions.
You can now find us in Boston, New York City & more!
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Scoville Food Institute sauces now available at select Whole Foods Markets

Periodic Table of Scoville Units - updated with Trinidad Scorpion pepper!

The newly updated 2014 version of The Periodic Table of Scoville Units.

Look up your favorite hot pepper on this chart. This image makes a great desktop background.
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Dr. Scoville's Cooling Tabs takes the burn away....
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link to article found in The washington Post newspaper October 12, 2008
Click logo above & the photo below to see recent press coverage of our sauces being tested by chemistry majors at St. Mary's College of Maryland.
chemistry majors Clio Chimento, right, and Yu Jing Lin testing hot sauce at St. Mary's College of Maryland
Thanks go out to Professor Randy Larsen, all of his students
,  & Ms. Judy Carr in the Communications Dept.

All day long, we study the chemistry of hot peppers and try to come up with new, flavorful hot sauces.
We'll add a dab of this and a smidgen of that, all the while staying away from additives,
preservatives, MSG, and other nasty/non-essential ingredients. The sauces are all kosher, wheat-free and gluten-free!
We also write reports, do lots of thinking, planning, and designing.
Plus, we find the time to make REALLY COOL t-shirts
We are proud to base our work on the historic findings of Professor Wilbur Scoville.
Often called "The Father of Pepper Pungency", Scoville was a mild-mannered and 
hard working chemist/scientist who invented a ranking/rating scale measuring
the pungency of peppers way back in the late 1800's.

He was the proud recipient of Ebert Prize in 1922.  That doesn't even sound like a real prize, does it?
He also wrote THE book about something called "compounding" of medicine.
But let's be honest, who even knows what that means?

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Wow, we had a great time doing
"The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch"!
And of course, we loved what Donny said
about our hot sauce and our packaging!

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